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Legumes are one of the most important digestive traits and play an important role in supplying human nutrition, its consumption is higher in advanced countries, and secondarily, after wheat. Different types of legumes have proteins and starch depending on their type, and some of them, such as cottage cheese, beans and lentils, are of particular importance with the availability of phosphorus. Beans with about 25 to 30 percent protein is one of the sources of energy production and nutritional needs. Legumes can replace red meat in the family’s food basket.

Cereals are used as food supplements along with a variety of cereals such as rice. In this work, amino acids that are not present in the legumes are supplied by the cereals and proteins needed for the body by the legumes.

Some beans, such as chickpea, with special conditions of growth and fruiting, such as a short growth period, – resistance to dry conditions, cold and heat resistance are considered as an organic product in terms of physiology and henceforth not only in the supply and guarantee of human nutrition, It plays an important role in providing and ensuring human health.

It’s safe to say that one of the healthiest food produced in the world.